Entrepreneurs. Chances are you may know one, you may be one, or you may become one. Did you know that Canada ranks third globally as one of the best countries in which to start a new business? Entrepreneurship not only fuels economic growth, but inspires creativity, builds relationships and fosters innovation.

More and more women are using their passion and innovative enthusiasm to represent half of all new businesses in Canada.

As a business that is not only founded and led by a woman, but whose staff is one hundred per cent female, this is a topic that hits close to home for Team Syntax.

Run the World

With women in the lead, their businesses help drive the economy and represent over $117 billion of economic activity in Canada, and an annual rise of 10% in women-owned businesses could boost the Canadian economy by $50 billion.

So, what attracts women to the entrepreneurial life? For some, it is the independence of creating and controlling their own business. For others, it allows them to more easily strike a balance between their personal and professional life. Canadian women are passionate, proactive and are more empowered than ever before. Now is the time to promote their potential.

Express Yourself

Encouraging more women to enter the marketplace enables more successful businesses, economic growth, and a more empowered nation.

So how do we help women start their entrepreneurship journey and support women-owned businesses? Luckily, there are so many great resources that make support a click away. L-Spark’s list of Canadian female founders and funders is constantly being updated to shout out and connect women and the organizations, for example.

Squad Goals

Not only can a supportive network of peers help guide new business owners with opportunities and challenges, their advice can act as foundational support to build stable, lasting businesses, further cementing female-led ventures as credible and successful in their field.

Organizations such as Futurpreneur Canada, Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy are focused on supporting female-led firms find networks, business coaching, financing and mentoring to engage current and future generations of women.

With evidence backing the positive influence women entrepreneurs have on the local and national economy, stories of entrepreneurial success are still dominated by male names. Successful women must be celebrated for their achievements to lead and inspire future female innovators. After all, it only takes one woman to create a women-led company.